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Millefiori Glass Beaded Wrap Bracelet,

Millefiori Glass Beaded Wrap Bracelet,

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Colorful and adorable millefiori glass beaded wrap bracelet. This cute fun and adorable bracelet is made with a variety of different color Millefiori glass beads and blue glass beads. What is a millefiori glass bead?

***Millefiori means "a thousand flowers" in Italian and is the name given to the type of Murano glass filled with floral designs. Murano glass is ancient Venetian glass that gets its name from an old glass-making region in Italy. The millefiori technique is often used for beads and jewelry making.

The process of creating millefiori begins with Murano glass formed into rods. The rods are made up of bits of molten glass in a wide variety of colors. The tiny spots of color often form many flower-like patterns in the glass and that is why the process is known as "a thousand flowers." The patterned glass is then put into molds so that another layer of glass is formed.***

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