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Breast Cancer Awareness Glittery Sensory Bottle

Breast Cancer Awareness Glittery Sensory Bottle

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Designed in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Makes the perfect gift to that special loved one who has battled and won or currently fighting her battle.

These calming/sensory bottles are so perfect to just sit and watch the glitter and colors just swirl around and sparkle.

These are made in a 22 oz. plastic water bottle with a stainless steel lid that has been glued shut and stainless steal base. BPA Free Bottle. Each sensory/glitter bottle is filled with beautiful sparkling glitter, holographic glitter and glitter shapes and chunky glitter and pink ribbons.

The sensory bottles are made with non-toxic glue, glitter, water and food coloring.

Disclaimer: These bottles are not shatter proof and could crack if dropped on hard surfaces so keep out of reach of smaller children. #breastcancerawareness #pinkribbon #awarenessmonth #gifts

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